Business and culture: a self financing project, which survives thanks to a strategy based on a network of collaborations.
Artistic strategies: promotion of new and peculiar musical works, creation of new compositions, new executive techniques, collaborations with heterogeneous and well known artists.
Project management: creation of projects opening music and art to the civil society. Art becomes a real shared asset.

The World Youth Orchestra project is founded on mobility. All its activities are based on the movement of young musicians coming from Italy, Europe and all over the world.

To invest in knowledge, in research and professional education is one of the priorities of each institution with ambitions of growth and development. The World Youth Orchestra has amongst its priorities the quality of the education offered in a wider perspective of shared and dynamic exchanges of knowledge and experiences amongst different cultural environments.

The World Youth Orchestra exists and operates thank to a deep and capillary work of partnership with Italian, European and world institutions with a global oriented collaboration view. The project operates at a global level, not forgetting its Italian roots.

The World Youth Orchestra project is a workshop of human, artistic and social experiences, where a peculiar work on integration, based on the reciprocal knowledge is carried out.
Music as a universal language is the first link uniting young people coming from wealthy or disadvantaged countries. The discovery of a different from one own life style and a shared and common work become the glue for fostering friendship, the comprehension of reciprocal diversities and the joy to live together.
The young musicians of the World Youth Orchestra, representing the five continents, are live witnesses of our commitment and through their art they bring all over the world a new message of friendship.

In 13 years of activity the World Youth Orchestra has exponentially increased its ambitions and has reached important cultural and artistic results:

•participation by more than 1000 students from 49 different countries

•integration of and training for students from developing countries

•the spreading of roots in 42 institutes of music over the five continents

•a network of 54 countries in the five continents

•Collaboration with organizations of world significance: the United Nations, UNICEF, the World Bank, the European Union

•contributions from musical institutes and artists of irrefutable international fame

•the growth of a unique Italian project in the international scene

•five consecutive years of funding from the European Commission as an artistic and cultural project

•funding from the European Union for other projects

•contributions from eminent Italian institutions
artistic presence in peace projects in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey

•an invitation to perform at the Headquarters of the UN in New York

•a growing interest in the activities of the WYO by important international institutions

•Some musicians who have played in the Orchestra in the past years have then resulted winners at prestigious International competitions and now play in important orchestras such as the Berliner Philarmoniker, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra dell’Accademia di S. Cecilia, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Luzerner Sinfonieorchester, Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala.